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New here

Hi I just wanted to write on here I'm a single mum and have been for the last 7 years nearly. I have had angziety on and off for the last 8years. I usually manage to control it well but this year has been very hard and I haven't managed. I have had to go back on medication witch I had managed to stay off for 4 years. Iv become distant from friends , find myself sitting doing nothing at night , not enjoying my work and have the feeling that everyone hates me or the things I do anoys people (my friends/family). I want to have the corage with the new year approaching to find someone for me this year I just need to find the help for my angziety to.

If anyone has any advice that may be useful I would be very greatful.

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I'm sorry you feel this way.i don't do anything with friends or go out etc.i have just booked an iapt appointment for counciling, have you tried cbt therapy? I've had it in the past and it does help, they learn you to do things slowly and see things differently. Easier said than done but how about small things first like going to a friends for coffee, someone that you feel comfortable with. At therapy I did a list of started at the bottom with simple things like walking round block right up to the top of what I want to be able to do. That was 4 years ago and I've had a rough 2 years so I feel that I would benefit from some more help and hopefully give me the courage to do it with someone else's you have a lot of symptoms? How do you manage on a daily basis?

Hope this has helped a little

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Some days I'm fine other days I'm worrying about everything from if I have turned the cooker off, plugs off etc in the house to oh I hope I haven't done anything wrong at work. When things go wrong or people get angry I automatically think it's because Iv done something wrong. These are my daily struggles. By the end of the day when I have put my kids to bed I feel numb. I sit and do nothing no tv, nothing times gose so fast then. Even if I have gone out without them I find myself just wandering aimlessly. I used to be out all the time when my lil ones were away but now I just sit in at night not wanting to venture out. I used to have my new years plans made for months. This year Iv said in keeping my kids. I gave up my sport threw feeling I was unable to move farward in it.

When I went to the doctors they put me on tablets I did wonder about cbt I had been told it was really good I had counciling when I had PND. But I gess this us different I shall ask when I'm next at docs.

Thanks you for takeing the time to reply


Welcome to this site. There are all sorts of people with different issues so I'm site you will get some advice. There is also a BLF helpline and they are fantastic and they are nurses who cab help you. I cab totally understand your panic attacks and the feeling that your home is a safe place but also a prison. You are lucky to have a supportive partner and hopefully from what you say, you are able to lean on him in times of need. Just try to relax and each day may be better than the last !!!!


Hi. First of all - you should congratulate yourself for having the courage to admit that things have slipped back a bit after 4 years of relative peace for you. Sometimes situations arise that we cannot control, however hard we try, and this is very typical in people who have anxiety disorder. From your post it seems like something or some things happened this year which has led to you going back on medication. It would be interesting to know if you were also having therapy as well as medication in the past. As I keep on saying on here, medication is fine for a time, but it is not a cure for anxiety - unless your situation is one where there is a chemical imbalance to be addressed - which is not the norm for anxiety . Medication will treat symptoms, not the root cause. It may be you have been having therapy of one kind or another, which can take a long time to be productive in some cases. That would be something I would explore - whether or not it is the right therapy for your needs. The other advice I have is this - you successfully controlled your anxiety for years. Look back and see how you did that - what tactics, techniques, distractions you used. Where did your emotional support come from in that time? How have your needs changed from then till now and what can be done to help you back on your path to wellness? Do you have anyone you can talk with about your situation - apart from on here I mean. You have already demonstrated you have the ability and the inner strength to take on and win the fight with anxiety. You need to recover that faith in yourself again.


My family know that I am going threw it I tell them most things no in only on medication but am going to talk to the doctor when I'm back about CBT. This year I have lost a few friends threw a sudden death and a grandparent. I'm also anoyed at myself that I am continually to scared to move farward in finding someone for me as I'm usually a fun loveing person when at such a young age it's just been me and my kids for 7 years I just want to find happyness but am so scared to. On the outside I try to look as normal and happy but on the inside I only have two feelings anger at myself for being this way and fear , fear of everything.


Hi dear. It must be very demanding to be a single mom for the last 7 years although the anxiety started 8 years ago. I would assume that was when your life was turned upside down. What a perfect time to make some changes at the start of a new year.

I wish you my best in finding someone for yourself as well as help with the anxiety.

Maybe one will help the other. Happy New Year! May you get back your courage just like the lion did in the Wizard of Oz. :)

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Thank you very much I hope so and sometimes think that one will come with the other but won't pin my hopes on it. But I still want to find someone for me as the fact I'm 27 I really want to have someone to make memories with. But yeah new year and I want to try really hard at re building myself


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