How do I start going out again?

So, yeah, I constantly am nauseous, dizzy, I see a lot of eye floaters, flashes, visual snow, I have headaches, fatigue and feeling weak. This was the reason that i stopped going outside a year ago. It just got worse and worse from then. I ONLY go to school, and sometimes if the symptoms are too much i skip. I also never go to P.E class, but the teacher understands and lets me skip class. I had a terrible panic attack on that class, that i collapsed. So, I am on PC since I wake up to until i sleep. It's so boring sometimes, I think I'm going mad. I mean, I have made online friends but that's not it, I wanna go outside. But the thought of it scares me. What If i faint while I'm outside? What if i get sick while I'm there? And the symptoms never stop, so it keeps scaring me more, resulting in more anxiety. But you see, I can't let myself to not go outside this whole 2016 too. But I'm too scared to go outside. I don't know what to do. My friends have asked me to go to New Year celebration with them, I kinda want to go, but my anxiety is making it all impossible. After all, I haven't left my house in a year as i said. Advices please??


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4 Replies

  • I know it very scary but the longer you stay inside the harder it will be to go out again,. Maybe go with a good friend who understands and is supportive to be by your side - if something terrible happens. Have a plan ready if u need to leave early and get home fast. But, be courageous and try!

  • Hi dear, as you can see by my name, I am agoraphobic. The "what ifs" are what kept me in the house. I thought I had found ways around it by having a doctor come to my home on occasion otherwise his nurse. I found a therapist who does phone therapy. What it did was just make the cycle of staying in worse. Within the last year, I started getting out to just go grocery shopping and to the drive up of my pharmacy. It was scary but felt good to drive again and be in control of leaving whenever I wanted to.

    (I've never had to leave the store, only by choice when I was finished shopping)

    It's a struggle I know but it doesn't get any better by avoiding. CBT can help you with getting the support from a therapist. Doing small things and then congratulating yourself for accomplishing that, is a help. Let's both make 2016 the year we once again "sing and dance in the rain" (a good book I read :)

    Good Luck..

  • Hi Hun, you dont say what age you are.or if you have family you can talk to or get one to go out for a walk with you, I left the house today after 3 weeks inside,simply because i needed a hair dye,i was dreading going out,but to my amazment i was o.k. i went with my husband,who is my rock,and i depend,and feel safe with him..i actually bought shoes, and a top,and i really enjoyed it..find someone to talk to.who understands your fear,then slowly try to go out,with that person,a few yards at a time,it will get easier,and you will gradually lose the will take time,but you will feel happier,i am talking from experience here,i have anxiety for nearly 30 years.and if i didn't push myself i would be completely housebound..please let us know how you are getting on..xx love Miarose

  • I am an Agoraphobic, I have had this problem since Grade school. I can't go to movies, or Resterants, or partys, showers, ball games, none of this stuff, once in a while now and then if I double up on meds or have a few drinks (almost never have anything to drink) Or if I work really hard with my mind, I can go shopping, alone, no one can go with me cause I might have to go home, and I don't want to inconveinience anyone, I'm ALWAYS afraid, I'm gonna get sick. and have to go to the bathroom. And then of course I do. Sometimes it takes me hours to get out to the Grocery store, sometimes it takes a couple trips before I can stay and shop. Its a hard road to travel. But you can do it. I'm 67 yrs. old, I've made it so far and reasonably happy. Little by little you'll be able to get out. theres help for you, Therapy, meds, classes, selfhelp books ( one of my favorite) cause I don't have to leave the house to use this therapy) All of these things will help you. just find the right one for you. Its not easy, for any of us. But you can do it. All of these people on here give good advice on different ways to help ourselves, and to get help and different meds. Good Luck :) And its always nice to no others have the same problems as us, or similar, and things will get better, were not alone :) Happy New Year

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