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The chest

My heart seems to be pounding faster lately, especially out of know where. I feel like I have pains in my chest, sometimes where my heart is and sometimes on the opposite side. Everyone tells me they get pains where their heart is, but not to worry, but how can I not? I'm 20 years old and sometimes I feel like my hearts pounding out of my chest. Sometimes I just feel random twinges of pain in my arms, legs, and neck as well and it's only making things worse. My worst fears are breast cancer, throat cancer, longer cancer, and even heart disease.... how do I make the thoughts stop.....

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Hi are you okay and are you on any medication it's horrible I feel the same doctors say it's anxiety but j don't believe them have you had test done X


How is your diet? Do you load on carbs? Often carbs will have that effect of increased heart rate. Other foods too. How do you make thoughts stop? Well, you can't unless you are dead. However, you can slow them down or refocus. Mind likes to be absorbed. It's like a child that wants to play all the time. The more you focus on yourself the more there will be thoughts about impending doom. So you have to focus on something else or somebody else. Google "things to do before I die." I bet you will find something that may create a spark.


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