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Feels never ending

Drank a biogen capsule last night read that it's great as a sleeping aid. Well worked

For the sleeping part but today whole day I feel awful so lunch at my parents , laughing at all the jokes and funny stories but while doing this my body is aching over time. My chest hurts my arms start to feel heavy than I feel pain all over my chest area...dizziness cames over me....deep breaths I feel pain starts ....stabbing pain in my shoulder mind says " oh boy this is it....this is the one that's going to kill you" still alive I think after a few seconds oh I'm still okay. It's so difficult being well trying to be the social butterfly that everyone knows you as or think you are. I am in so much pain don't even know how I even make it through a day like this! No let me say that differently only my faith in God and family gives me strength. Anxiety how is it possible to cause all this. Makes a person feel physically sick...makes your body ache in every muscle and nerve of your body..I am so tired it's Christmas and I want to feel joy not just pain

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I feel you but I still have yet to go to all of the family parties yet and I'm already thinking the end is near

I hope you feel better and Merry Christmas!


Thank you so much and merry Christmas. I pray you make it through your functions

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I feel that way sometimes like this is the moment it's gonna happen anxiety can cause such horrible crippling pains that can make u think your in real danger. Try to take deep breaths and enjoy your family gatherings.


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