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Always nauseous?

For the last 2 or 3 years i have felt constantly nauseous from the second i wake up until i go to sleep. I have had all sorts of tests done and have been told multiple times by doctors that they can't find anything wrong. I've tried lifestyle changes such a sleep, exercise, diet etc, none of which have made a difference. I took a nausea medication for a while however it only made it worse. And natural anxiety medications dont help either.

I am 16, female and have depression and severe anxiety.

I also have a routine where i must be awake by 7:30 every morning.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? or any suggestions on how to help this?

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Sorry no idea what it could be other than the anxiety. I too suffer from nausea everyday but not all the time. maybe start a journal to see if it is triggered more by something or not? I've been told writing your feelings and everyday routine from what you do and what you eat helps a lot and I tend to do it now. Good luck!


Thanks for your help. I've been journalling for a year now and i havent found that it's helped with anxiety. Could it possibly be a food intolerance?


i go through the same thing love your not alone i just try not to focus on it and i know that its easier said than done trust me i completely understand what your going through what i do is just keep telling myself thats there is nothing wrong with me you are ok i know sometimes thats all you need to hear is that you are ok and trust me when i say you are

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