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Hi everyone im new here and just looking for advise. I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety but told to talk to people rather than meds. However, yesterday i had an anxiety attack (i think) i had heart palpatations, trembling, dizziness and the feeling i was going to faint or have a fit. Since then i have had a constant pressure in my head and sinuses, has anyone else had these symptons after an attack, that have lasted days? I dont know whether to go back to the drs and explain all this, im literally petrified that theres something rlse wrong and that the head pressure is a tumour or something and that im literally going to drop dead, is this the anxiety taking over? Any help appreciated. Thank you.

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hI Ali.I get those symptoms too.An anxiety attack is horrible,and it does take a few days to get over a bad one..mayby going back to your doctor and getting something to help, would be a good idea.I have anxiety all the time,its so bad I cant go out on my own,I take xanax to get me through the day,but this past few weeks i feel very i may have to go back to the doctor sucks at the min.Love Miarose xx


Hi ya

Ah no bless you, yes please go back to the doctor and get some help, mines everyday nearly but most days managable, i have been to the doctor who has prescribed me prapranolol to take as and when i feel bad or feel im about to have an attack, iv also been referred for cbt therapy to help me get to the source of the probelm, have you ever had this?

I really hope you feel a bit better soon, anxiety has alot to answer for.



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