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What happens to the body when you yell

This morning I got into a huge argument with my mom and I ended up yelling at her for a minute but it was full blown and loud. My chest started to really hurt a little while after that. I have been under a lot of stress with living with my mom still and my chest is still hurting right now. Does anyone have a similar experience?

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Yes many times :-) It is not surprising you feel physical things after a verbal fight. During the argument your blood pressure will soar, your chest will tighten, your breathing will become shallow leading to feelings of faintness, and certain hormones will increase to spur you on in the 'fight'. None of this is good for you if you are ill of course. But when the arguing stops you should find that rest restores you to your normal self. There is a breathing app available on google play for free - it helps you time your breathing and is called PACED BREATHING. This might help you quickly restore yourself. I wish you well.


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