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Always seeking reassure and Google is the reassure I go to which is the worst habit ever!

I woke up this morning around about 7.30 and my body straight away was looking for pain! At about 12 I was getting a foggy chest which made me panic a little so I thought If I got a bath it would calm me down but it made me 10 times worse it felt like my legs weren't working and I couldn't pull myself up straight away I thought I need to go to walk in centre to get checked out, seeking reassure like all the time! My mum talked me out off it and told me I just got myself in a state and needed to calm down now I have this awful ache in my jaw and in my throat every symptom I have i think it's a heart attack or brain tumour, what do I do! I have tried everything just can't make my brain think off positive things.

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Your not alone.I'm constantly on google,ive tried to stop getting on there bc its just making my anxiety worse.I also worry about a brain tumour,ive been worried about it for months now,I can't seem to quit thinking about it and enjoy my life.its ruining me.Im 21 and have 2 kids and I can't even have fun with them bc I'm constantly worried about myself. If I do sit down to play with them I usually start crying and get depressed bc I keep thinking what if I do have a brain tumour? What am I gonna do?what are my kids gonna do?their gonna have to live without a mom.it really bothers me.ive had 2 cat scans of my head and both came back normal but I just won't let myself believe it. So I'm going Wednesday to get an mri.I'm so terrified! Its driving me crazy I'm just getting myself ready for bad news.but hopefully everything's fine!shew I hope and pray everything comes back normal!ive been having head pressure on my right side and every morning when I wake up it kind of feels numb or something I can't really describe it, it just feels weird,and ive had pressure on my right eye and ear too. But I have allergies as well so im really hoping its just allergies.sorry I didnt mean to make this post about me.but yes it is normal,you are not alone.and ive been in the same position as u with the whole bath thing.I thought if I took a nice hot showet it would calm me down,well the whole time I was in there I couldn't stop thinking about my problems which just made it worse and when I got out I was weak all over,couldnt think straight,just felt doomed. I hope this helps.and I hope you get to feeling better!


Oh and now I've broken the cycles my aches and pains have gone showing although the pains were real it was anxiety causing them not anything serious


Hi I could've written this post myself a few months ago. I thought I had every illness going and google became my best friend. I was convinced I was going to die leaving my 3 young children behind.I hate medication so refused antidepressants but chose cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). The waiting list was around 3 months but I've nearly finished sessions now.

Basically all the things you think are helping and reassuring you are actually making your anxiety worse. You have to break the chain so no google, no asking family for reassurance, no frequent trips to the Gp, no checking your body for lumps bumps, aches and pains and no avoiding anything to do with certain illnesses. You think you'll go crazy not being able to do this things but by stopping one at a time its amazing how it actually helps. Please ask to be referred for counselling or CBT if you can. If you want any advice or to talk you can always message me on here x


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