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Hi I'm Steve, I'm 49, I have been diagnosed with anxiety/ depression, My symptoms are, constant crushing headache, like a band around head, with occasional ice pick shooting pain, burning skin arms and chest, weak jelly like legs, unwanted thoughts, which are so hard to control, finding it so difficult to through the day, Have been off work six months, was wondering if anyone was or have experienced similar symptoms? Thankyou

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Hello & Welcome

Yes I have had those symptoms and many more they are very typical with anxiety

Has anything in particular brought this on ?

It can be a shock if you have been fine and then all of a sudden you get hit with something like this , I was always an anxious person so as I grew older it came as no surprise that I became an anxious adult which escalated out of control and I suffered but things can & do get better , if you can accept how you feel , try not to fight it , when things happen if it be thoughts tell yourself they are just thoughts we all have them the reason you feel fear when you have them is because that fear hits you then you focus more on the thoughts you are having rather than just let them come & go knowing it is anxiety /depression that is creating these thoughts

Bear in mind this is an illness one that we can overcome but nevertheless when we are suffering is just as painful as many more health problems & we have to try & give ourselves a break and care for ourselves just like we would if we were suffering from anything else

I hope you are getting lots of support from your Doctor , not sure if you are taking any medication or getting any therapy to help but I do hope so

There is also Action on Depression another community on Health Unlocked you may want to have a look at if you just put in in search when you drop down the My Communities at the top of the page it will take you to the community , the more you can talk the more you will feel you are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel , just give it time :-)

Take Care x


Hi Steve,

Are you on any medication? It sounds like you should be...or if you are... what you are taking is not working for you very well. Have you discussed this with your dr?

Your symptoms sound like typical, classical anxiety... If you are worried that it might be something else...please, just tell your dr and have it checked out.

Also...its a shame that you seem to have gone for so long with NO relief... maybe you should switch drs??? Just a thought. I know I shouldn't judge... Maybe, also you should work with a therapist... a lot of times people with severe headaches are 'holding onto something' At any rate, the best of luck to you.


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