Feeling excited about something & then...the negative thoughts begin!

Does anyone understand when I say this...! For eg...my family & I have just decided we want to make a move closer to the water & as its a nicer area for our daughter to grow up. It's about 1.5 hours drive away. I have friends there, so I'm really excited. I felt the excitement for about 15 mins....then all these negative stupid thoughts came into my mind. It's like, the second I feel happy, my anxiety kicks through and makes me think something bad is going to happen to me for being happy? Am I the only nut job who thinks this, or is this commen for an anxiety/panic attack sufferer? I was enjoying feeling excited and happy, it took my mind off anxiety for once...then BAM...the bitch hits me & makes me loose all happiness in our new journey of our lives!!! WHY WHY WHY....does this always try to take me down!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2 Replies

  • Yes I go through this all the time, its really annoying.

  • me as well no clue as to why but it really does spoil things :(

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