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Anxiety & relaxation ..stomach issues


I wanted to find more ways to ease my stomach issues. My food regimen isn't the best. I haven't been sticking to it, but I will from now on. I currently am up & drinking water , relaxing but my stomach feels like crap. Like I would try & get a bit more sleep & it would be cramping a bit & gassy. Then while in the bathroom, I burped & it tasted like vomit was nasty :/ . I think I should change from eating meals that are piled onto my plate , to better portions. I think I'm still digesting this food I ate currently. I'm also having trouble wanting to get more sleep or maybe I'm not that tired I guess. I had pulled an all nighter, the other night. Then I had naps throughout the day, then in the evening I got to get a bit of sleep , but now I'm like not too sleepy . This ever happen with you all? You maybe get naps throughout the day, maybe you stayed up the other night, then you sleep a bit more in the evening , then get up early in the morning ? Well , along with that I'm still having trouble now & then with breathing techniques , still haven't seen my counselor yet. The burping habit isn't much of an issue though, for me lately. anyone else get a faint feeling ?? Idk if it had to do with me being constipated earlier & it stressed me out.. But those things, this stomach issue, my sleep schedule , & stressed out fain feeling is something I wanted to tlk about. Anyone have advice or wanna share their issues?

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