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Virus ridden

Hi ya all i haven written on here for some time ive been too tired! i got a virus and i have honestly had the blimmen thing for a couple of months it will not go away. i had adrenal exhaustion just prior to getting the virus so i didnt even click that i had a virus until i started sneezing a lot (thought it was hay fever) then got bad breath and a very heavy feeling of phlegm stuck in my chest. I was chatting with my sister who got a really bad flu and then a bad tummy bug and says she also has been getting sick its one thing after another to top it off this end of the world weather (thats what i call it is very strange) it doesnt know what it is its hot cold grey overcast then when its nice its like 33 degrees burn you hot. i have to get another small part time cleaning job which i can only do on a sunday and the doctor tried to pay me at a low rate so i told him pay be something decent or get someone else im not making enough to live on now...ever since i got married and they took my sickness benefit off me ive been financially really struggling can anyone relate ?

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I am sorry you are suffering with a virus and once we get one they can linger and when we suffer with Anxiety everything feels 100 times worse

I do agree I think the weather has changed over the years and virus's seem more common , I also think anxiety makes us run down and we can be more prone to pick them up , I seem to pick things up very quick but I do believe and put it down to this as they do not seem to be able to find anything else wrong with me as such

If you can accept you are not well at the moment , take good care of yourself as well as been patient which I know we find hard to do it will pass

I am sorry you are struggling having benefits removed this is usually the case if you are living with someone that is working but if you have on going problems health wise etc have you tried applying for Disability Allowance now known as PIP

If you are eligible you can receive this benefit and it is not " Means Tested " so in other words it does not matter how much savings or income you have coming in if you pass for it you get it

It can be hard to pass but as I always think you have nothing to loose by applying for it you will be no worse of than you are now but it could benefit you so Good Luck if you apply :-)

Take Care x


thank you made my day a better one

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