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Virus for several weeks - scared πŸ˜–

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Hi, I've had bad anxiety in the past but really thought I'd conquered it. Over the last few weeks I've been unwell with a virus - various non specific symptoms - lack of appetite, hot flushes, nausea. The problem is I've never been ill for so long and today I've had the worse repeated panic attacks about it 😩. I saw my GP a week or so ago (after a trip to A and E) and she said it was just a nasty virus and might take a few weeks to shift. Has anyone else had a virus/ felt generally unwell for more than 3 weeks? It's really scaring me and getting me down . Thank you

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I can definitely relate. I was pretty much anxiety free for 8 years until February. I got a bad flu and had lingering respitory problems that lasted for 2 months. Even when I felt better I coughed all and night barely slept. This led to a full on anxiety relapse that I'm still struggling with. Just take one day at a time and try to live in the moment. Some days are bad all day long others i feel good for a few hours. those hours i exercise and get things done. Best of luck.

Gosh that brought tears to my eyes, thank you for replying . Reassuring for me. I had really good CBT but it seems to have deserted me 😒

Keep thinking I've caught some terrible uncurable illness and feel desperate.

Will try to be mindful and hope my body beats this soon.

Thank you - I've never been on a forum and I'm pleased to have got a reply :-)

No worries. You'll be fine. The worst part of most things in life are mental. If you can get passed that you'll be fine. It may take you a few weeks or a few years just don't rush it. It will subside.

Very true! I am a psychologist myself and my goodness this has been a horrible reminder of what my patients go through πŸ™ˆ.

Thank you for your kindness


Hi sweetie, I work in a care home and there's a nasty virus going round at minute. Everyones catching it!! Just make sure you eat properly and stay hydrated. I'm sure you know but take paracetamol for your will go don't worry, when your feeling run down they tend to stick around even longer!! Don't be frightened, look after yourself properly and you will get better. Try test as much as you can too .

Oh really - are you in the U.K. ?oh just to know I could get better helps. I must admit I've been extremely stressed for two years and we've just moved house and now we can theoretically relax, WALLOP here comes an illness that knocks me for 6. Just when there's sooooo much I want to do!

AngepStar in reply to Scaredandfearful

Yes sweetie I'm in uk, a lot of the staff have been poorly too and it's the young ones in there 20's going off sick it made them so poorly. Same symptoms as you. It's usually the way, your busy doing this and that and when you stop it hits you. You've got to try not to worry as that just makes you feel worse. Just try think!! Ok I've got this virus!! It's a bit clingy!! But it will go and I WILL get better soon πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Thank you so much. I know I immediately think 'it's my fault' and find a reason to blame myself which really doesn't help but is definitely my default!

I will reread these replies and try to just accept that I'm ill right now and that's ok. . . . It's not forever and if it was anyone else I'd be encouraging them to be kind towards themselves, not beating themselves up πŸ‘πŸ»

AngepStar in reply to Scaredandfearful

Exactly!! But we rarely take our own advice😁 But in this case you must !! Take care x

You've really helped me tonight.

Thank you x

Hi! I've had some flu like virus for a couple of weeks now and I'm still getting headaches and nausea and sore throats! The doctor said it will hopefully shift eventually but it really takes its toll on my mental state!

Don't worry you're not alone, all we can do is trust our bodies to fight it eventually ☺️

Oh thank you, it does help a lot to know there's stuff going about. I'm very good at jumping to the worse case scenario! really hope we both feel better soon!

Update, in case anyone else googles this experience! I am finally starting to feel physically better though still have low appetite and a dodgy tummy. It has taken ages to recover from this virus. I must confess I'm now mid a severe anxiety and depressive episode triggered by lots and lots of stress and then this blasted virus. Anxiety is the worst bit - hideous - I'd forgotten how horrendous it can be - so sympathies to each and everyone of you.

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