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Ive been having this head pressure just on the right side,and a couple days ago I went to an allergist and I'm allergic to 2 types of mold,2 types of trees,grass,mice,cats,and very allergic to dust (which is all through our house) sometimes just my right eye feels swollen and my right ear feels stopped up and that side of my head feels pressure (my head always feels pressure on the right side)do y'all think that could be what is causing the pressure?and is it normal for it to be only on one side?

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I seem to suffer with allergies of all types , to cleaning materials to dust you name it and I get all sorts of symptoms including some of the one's you mention and I feel I am always coming down with a cold or infection but most of the time I am not I am just reacting to dust etc and I have ocd so I often wonder how this has happened as I keep everything so clean but that may be where the answer lies maybe I am to clean for my own good but yes they can give you these symptoms

Is it causing you stress and anxiety ?

Have they recommended what you can do to help yourself and have you spoken to your Doctor about all , I would

Nothing much I have found yet to help with my symptoms I have tried all sorts but nothing seems to help so far but I hope it is different for you , let us know if you find anything that works :-)

Take Care x


So it is normal for it to happen only on one side? And make me feel pressure inside my head on one side?and yes its causing me stress and anxiety and lots of it!the doctors I talk to dont seem to care but they are gonna give me a shot in may and gave me an eppipen.but nothing else to help


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