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Hi I'm a 38 year old mother of 4 and this time of year is horrible for me. Way to much stress and my anxiety is on the over load. Nauseated, dizziness, hormonal outbursts (perimentapause) I'm a mess. This year worse then others dealing with 2 teen boys with girl issues our home has had a lot of problems which were fixing but when one is fixed another pops up. I'm a very Christmas type of person and I'm feeling so horrible because I don't feel in the spirit I'm trying so hard for my 6 year old and 11 year old. I'm just plain worn out. I take xanax twice a day which helps but needing some holiday cheer!


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  • I feel you I'm going through the same thing, I stay home and I still haven't even put up my tree😞I'm just not feeling it with all these issues but I have to cuz I have an 11yr old daughter I'm 52 and I really think this has to do with menopause! Cuz the Dr has given me a clear bill of health!! I have Xanax too but only take it if I have a bad attack! All this stated when I turned 41😁Hope you feel better🙏

  • Could be very possible that it menopause! Have you gone to a gyno I think they can do tests or something to tell. Also you could try a naturopath who can put you in a program to help regulate your hormones worth a shot

  • It's funny you mention the menopause because my anxiety started after my 3rd birth. I'm almost certain that it's hormone related as estrogen affects the brain. I'm torn between that and magnesium deficiency

  • Yes I feel mine is due to hormones too as it all started after my second baby and gets so much worse when I'm due. Sometimes I think I'm in pre menopause even though I'm 31 however my grandma went into menopause at 38

  • I was told that it is the beginning of menopause. I stay on birth control so I get the extra estrogen but it is still a roller coaster. Aazz I started perimentapause at 31 so it's not so far fetched I was also 11 when I got my first monthly they say the earlier you get your period the earlier You may start menopause or perimentapause. Stress doesn't help either . The mouse stress the more horrible your body feels. I'm just glad I not the only one feeling like this.

  • Mine also is noticeable more a few days before I start my cycle. I'm still yet to finish and I'm fighting the gitters. Is there nothing that can be done if it's hormone related?

  • Yes there is I'm thinking about going to a naturopath they would probably suggest a diet change and certain supplements, exercise too.

  • Hi Anxiteymom, I don't know how your coping well done you are coping, I'm going though exactly the same as you ( but I haven't any children) so I know how hard it is without, I have struggled and battled for three years now, crying out to doctors, pyschatrist, pyscolgist, Etc that I am going through the menapores and antidpressants are not enough for me, now three years on NO antidpressants are working and A new lady GP has started at the surgery and she has FINALLY agreed with me I need HRT my blood test keep coming back I'm not menapores, but as my GP said there is NOTHING to show doctors 100% to say you are or are not in the menapores, I have agreed to go see a pyschatrist tomorrow ( although I have no faith in them what's so ever ) for him to start me on antidpressant as IV been on and off two this year and nothing is working, only the dreaded side effects, I'm with drawing from venlofaxtine now and I'd never wish what Iam going though on anybody, and the time of year is adding Massively to my stress and anxiety, I force myself up out of bed everyday, but some days ( like today ) are impossible that's the depression taking over, I know it's very wrong and I really dislike doing it but when your asleep your out of it all, waking up is even worse, but unfortunately and very sadly that's the way I'm coping at the moment, so yes AXITEY MOM I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL and will tell any women never give up if your body is telling you your in the menapores keep on till you get the Correct treatment for it, it's taken me ( THREE) very sad lonely hard suffering three years for a doctor to agree with me. Good luck to you and all women suffering with the dread menapores xx

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