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Im writng this while having a anxiety attack....

It startern while i was about to fall asleep

Cuddling with my partner. Thinkig about my lovely family. Listening to the splash of my fishtank filter, hamster running and spongebob. Haha

And suddenly bum

'I am going to die!' my mind said

It feels like ill stop breathing if i fall asleep and stop thinking about it. My heart is beating like crazy and it feels like im having a heart attack...

Maybe i am...

I wish someone would help me... Or i just die finally so it just goes way...

Why do people have to go through this?

Will it ever go away? Why is this happening? Please stop...

Its been an hour ince t started. Its 2 am... Start work at 8 tomorrow please let me sleep... :'(

My chest hurts... I need help...

I feel a bit better after whiting this...

Hope it stops...

Good night </3

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Somehow, everything seemed so perfect in the moment that your inner self alerted you to the fact that something could happen any minute and whoosh you are in panic mode. I am so sorry that this happened but I'm glad you reached out. Maybe knowing that there were others who share your emotional pain helps you to calm back down and relax. I hope so. Goodnight

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When it starts remember to take deep breaths threw your nose and out your mouth. It helps a little bit. Then this next step is the hardest you have to fool the mind to get it of the pank/anxiety. Theres alot of people here who go threw these all the time so be strong and dont be afraid to talk about it when your not have an anxiety or pank attack. So i hope my liitle advise will help you out. Stay on that straight line

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Don't worry you'll be okay , just relax . Try taking some deep breaths . Prayer helps me find peace . Hope you feel better .

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Definitely been there before. Ive actially gotten out of bed, put shoes on, and went for a brisk walk at 2am when i was getting panicky.

After seeing a therapist for the past few months i have realized that trying to get yoir mind on something else is only an attempt to trick your mind into believing it isnt really happening. You need to recognize what is happening, think about your breathing, and remind yourself that this has happened before and you didnt die. You didnt have a heart attack. You didnt stop breathing. Until you face it and realize that you can get throgh it, each anxiety attack will cpntinue to keep you up for hours. Try and find the trigger, or the time of day. Reason with yourself and know that it is an episode, not the end.


I got anxiety last night luckily my son woke up and he start talking so it stops but when went back to sleep, my heart beats faster and i always get nervous and lightheaded which is a killer when i work feels like to pass out or a heart attack because chest pains is also there i take deep breaths and shake my body then i feel asleep, woke up in the morning here i am again worrying things... Cant wait to have a therapy im still going to my neuro tomorrow...

Everything will be fine to us!!praying!!talk to anyone it helps..


Panic attacks honey that's exactly what I go through when I'm having a panic attacks it happens mostly at night which I hate and all that your explaining I deal with too. Talking to my husband helps. And praying helps me so much too.


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