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11-27 black friday

ok today has been blah, been laying down and no sun since its been raining ...till monday -tuesday it will be raining...i think the sun on my skin help...even though i take vitamin d. ...was feeling ill so took a nap about 1 hr after waking...

its so strange because usually lately around 10-1am at night i tend to feel a lot better...not 100% but better...i cant explain it my body goes through waves and time periods when it feels good or bad.

I decided im going to start rating my sickness scale on a 1-10

today i was feeling about a 5-6 prenap

and i feel a 4-5 around right now.

lastnight i was feeling a 2-3 ...hopefully tonight too.

lastnight i was laughing it up watching funny stuff on tv and the illness i was feeling felt alright to do so...around 10-1am...and was hoping after i whent to bet it would last into the morning but nope...seems to always be the case.

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ok update around 7 im at a 1-3...feeling pretty decent! if i can feel like this more often i can live ok!

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I too always feel better at night. A psychiatrist told me that is because your cortisol levels are highest in the morning and lower as the day goes by. I always feel worst I. The morning and usually it peaks by 11am-12pm then gets better around 6-7pm.

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