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Missing old life

I miss the days where I could get excited about getting out the house going for meals or watching a movie at the cinema, but these days I struggle to collect myself before leaving the house I just always seem to focus on my physical symptoms my subconscious mind is always getting the better off me, I'm finding this so hard to deal with now I've just recently got in to a relationship and my anxiety is causing so many problems, I don't know if it's just me but I look for reassure all the time off people always seem to be talking about my symptoms and annoying people with them and getting fed up off being called a hypochondriact, however my boyfriend finds it hard to reassure me cause j guess people who don't have anxiety have no idea what it feels like and really how draining it can be, just feeling so low in myself and don't have any confidence, I'm just going around in a vicious circle 😔

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Hi Aim,

First...just want to send you out a hug and say

"I understand" ... because I do... I am sure we all do. But it is true and just 'human nature' about how people react... because I remember a time or two when I had to realize people were getting 'tired of hearing it'....

You know what I REALLY think would help you? A counselor/therapist.... PLEASE consider this... You need to really be talked to by someone who can actually HELP you. All the people in the world can sympathize with us...but you know what? It helps to a point...but after that... it doesn't... All it really does is reinforce our 'sick mind set'....

I am sure you are a loving, wonderful please do this for yourself. Good luck!



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