I would like to thank everyone for there beautiful comments, it's nice to see people who's thoughtfulness and love exsists inside them. I've been feeling really really down lately and reading the comments you guys have posted is so lovely and inspiring to an extent haha:) thank you all again, my messages aren't working and I don't have any form of social media except Instagram so if you wanna speak then put your insta down and I will message you on that X


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  • Kellybear8

  • Chloe sometimes media is a bad thing if u want to stay positive.. I have found that.. FB and twiiter nope not for me take care now xx

  • Yep thats right sometimes its not really good sometimes i do agree with that...if i heard and see some bad things happening i get worried..

  • So do I its so horrible!! I hate feeling like this but I suppose it is what it is x

  • I agree haha, I had fb and everything but I deleted them all xx

  • I didnt delete mine maybe i will do that..i just dont check fb often, it get worse if i read bad news online and on tv.. What i do i got all season of friends,big bang and mrs brown i warch it over and over again because i love it, it makes me laugh and sometimes i play my sons wii games it keeps me off worrying things..

  • I adore Mrs Brown Greyen and I also watch the episodes over and over.. we need to laugh and remember life will always goon despite evil people..xxxxxxxxx

  • roseforrestmua

  • scrap that its roseforrestmakeupartist

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