Anxiety Postponement

Hi All, from last night It's not going ok. I am feeling bad. But I am applying one technique i.e. postponement. I am telling my mind, anxiety and feelings that OK, I know I have you, I own you and I am not ignoring you.. I will give you time for sure but I will give you time later. These words, decreasing the Anxiety intensity level.

Bless you all Anxious people.

4 Replies

  • Great you found mantra that works for you . 😘

  • Not completely, but somewhat it decreases the intensity for that moment.

  • God bless you too. Heres some positive food for thought.

    Give yourself a break.

    Give yourself credit.

    Give yourself time.

    Give youself attention.

    Give yourself love.

    Give yourself power.

    Give yourself to you.

  • Well done you that's the best way to do it GREAT stuff and it does work

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