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Hi there,

Im Shanna , and starting about 4 weeks ago I started to feel really sick, and this is an everyday occurrence for me, I always have headaches , stomach issues , muscle aches and much more. I constantly figure that there is something physically wrong with me, but the doctors have done blood checks and other tests . Anyways everything always comes back "fine" but my issue is that I don't feel like I can trust my doctors . So with that said I have been having bad anxiety, depression and panic attacks. ( the attacks and got worst when my grandma passed away) anyways now I'm also experiencing death phobia . like my mind is constantly telling I'm dying. I don't know if this is all from the true anxiety or if I have medical issues. Anyone please help and talk to me. :)

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Yes that sounds like me. I've been dealing with similar feelings for a long time. My dr is always saying everything im feeling is from anxiety but i feel like he just doesnt understand how i feel and its hard for me to trust what he says but im trying. He put me on lexapro today and if it doesnt help he mentioned a psychiatrist :( I think we need to accept the fact that we are just fine no matter how we might feel!


Thats right we are we. Somedays are great and some we want to leave behind. With every hard time a good time is soon to follow. So use it as your bright star.

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Hi. Sorry to hear you are suffering. I understand your feelings of distrust for doctors - they are human and can make mistakes. However, luckily for us that is a rare thing to happen. If you have had a number of tests and they all show nothing physically wrong, then it is likely that they are right. Anxiety disorder has the ability to make us see and feel things that are not actually happening to us. It is the snake in the grass waiting to pounce when we least expect it. Your doctors suggestion of therapy sounds good to me. Have a talk with him/her about the best kind of therapy for you. Grief counselling might also be useful for you.

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Hi Shanna: Wow...I can relate to this on all 3 things mentioned about anxiety.

1. I have a set pattern of regular symptoms daily and if that changes the worry sets in even more.

2. I have a distrust for doctors and don't believe in them like I use to. Have been talking with a therapist about this mistrust issue.

3. Since I lost my mother, I have become agoraphobic as well as consumed with dying.

Not a way to live at all. I wish you well


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