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I don't know what's happening with me exactly

My story begins when I was in swimming pool I experience something wired it make me feel that I'm watching everything in slowmotion I was really scared that day I return to my house and I sleep When I wake up I was feeling good but I felt that every thing is slowdown little bit I go to the hospital they said I have anxiety and they gived me cipralex when I take it I felt worst so I stopped taking cipralex Its now almost 3 months and now I can't feel with my body good it's just like my sensitivity very low Even if I touch my hands I cant feel they are really touching i cant feel with my face my mouth its hard a little bit to describe

I can't think good i cant remember good even i cant imagine i cant sleep good if i sleep there is wired feelings it comes to me that i can't describe it

Im very tired from this feelings i wanna be normal again

Is that depersonalization disorder? ?

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Yes that sounds like deporsonalization/derealization

Have read if this article it helped me


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