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Weird symptom

Here i am again with an off the wall symptom. Im sure im the only one that's experienced this. Its really hard to explain. I feel like my sense of smell is off and when i breathe in just normal i feel a cough sensation in my chest... There's no congestion and i dont actually cough i guess it feels kind of airy and tickly. Strong smells irritate the sensation when im breathing especially candles. Kind of feels like ive enhaled smoke...im not a smoker and never was. I have never had this before and it wont go away. By chance has anyone experienced this? :/

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You need to see a doctor. Things might get worse.


Had this for about three weeks and it just kind of went away. Made me feel like I just inhaled smoke, and it was harder to breathe. I had the cough feeling too without any congestion or weezing


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