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Anxiety coping methods?

This is my first time using this page, so I'm not entirely sure how things work here. I will start off with my story. In June of 2015 I was randomly attacked by someone I knew very well, was a traumatic situation and felt as though I were put in a life or death situation. I was strangled to the point I passed out. The last thing I could remember thinking was who was going to take care of my beautiful boy and if I would be able to watch over him wherever I go. Anyway, the person who did this to me eventually got arrested and was in prison awaiting a sentence. I actually was coping quite well, after all the flashbacks and bad nights sleep had settled, I had found myself a new job and was progressing very quickly and was proud of myself for how good I had done. Then in late September I received a voicemail telling me I have to go to court as he pleaded not guilty to one of the charges. Random anxiety and panic has filled my head ever since. Ive stopped going to work, ive been having panic attacks pretty much everyday, I cant even leave my house anymore feeling like I'm going crazy or something. I had seen psychiatrists and they said its all anxiety related. I was told to try medication, I tried sertraline twice but both times I had really bad attacks to the point i felt like I had completely lost reality and couldnt focus on anything apart from focusing on not dying or going crazy! I think this may be all stress related due to the fact that I have to go to court, once that passes only time will tell. I am starting cbt soon for this as they said it also seems like ptsd anxiety and panic disorder. I should also note that this has left me feeling quite depressed, lonely but also wanting to be alone. I have overcome depression before so that will pass I hope. The only thing keeping me going everyday is my beautiful boy who I think the world of. My question is what are peoples coping methods? Have people over come this? Does the anxiety leave you with a constant racing heart with pains and feeling of dread? I drink camomile tea from time to time and take promethazine if my anxiety gets really uncomfortable for me. I would just really appreciate some uplifting support and positive vibes. This is all a very new experience for me and one that I want to learn to accept and overcome. Please do not say medication, as I am fully aware that this can help but the side affects are awful and I would like to have the hope to believe I can do so without that. I don't want to block it away with tablets to maybe bring it all back once I come off them. Medication is my last option. Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you

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I'm sorry that you went through such a traumatic event. I'm sure your doctors are trying to help you. Do not be afraid to take meds prescribed by your doctor's. Some meds take time for your body to adjust and then you will feel better. Work with your doctor on this issue. Meds do not block your memory of what happened. They just calm you so you are able to work through your anxiety. I hope that you and your doctor's can find the right meds and therapy so you can start to feel better.


I am sorry that you had to experience that horrific assault. You have been attacked on two levels - the physical and the emotional, and each requires different healing. As a cbt therapist, I have treated many people successfully and in some cases without the need for medication. However, I also recognise the need for short term medication for some people that will enable them to make use of cbt effectively. So dont be afraid to use medication if it helps you in the short term. Believe me when I tell you that PTSD CAN be cured. There are plenty of people who will support you through the healing process - dont feel you are alone.


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