Is this anxiety again - urgent

Hi. Basically for a year now Im struggling with my disorder and symptoms caused by it. But, I still managed to go to school and finish basic tasks. Slowly, i completely stopped going to p.e class. Now, since last week I am feeling the worst i ever did. First, no energy to walk or get out of bed. Completely drained. When I go even to the kitchen Im dizzy. I have nausea and constantly am gagging yet still hungry.I checkked my blood again and theres no problemwith it yet i still feel like this. Im also drained by bad thoughts about school and how from the bottom ofy heart i dont wanna go there , but tomortow i must, and that makes me even sicker to the point that writimg this became extremely hard. I cant skip anymore, parents aree gonna kill me. I relly dont know what to do. If i go ill probably faint or die because i really cant. Sorry for typos im writing this on my phone which im not really used to.

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  • Why did you stop going to p.e?

  • Hi how are you doing now? I found that eating things with flavour eg. Tic tacs, chewing gum, salt, chocolate and biscuits really helped me to stop gagging. I know this will be extremely hard for you but you need to tell one of your parents and some teacher you feel comfortable at school. It helped me a lot when I told people about my gagging and anxiety disorder. I've slowly made positive progress and gag very rarely now.

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