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cold sore

ive got a really bad cold sore at the moment and about every second night i have a really awful nights sleep i couldnt get off to sleep, sometimes i wake up every hour we had a house inspection so that made me anxious.................i slept on the couch for three hours yesterday and woke up feeling shattered and noticed i had grown a cold sore yay its a roulette wheel of symptoms having post traumatic stress but im grateful im not getting the really bad place feelings as much ive noticed i have completely lost interest in makeup and paying attention to how i look which isnt 42 but i honestly feel 62 all my friends are in their sixties because i cant handle people with loads of energy anymore it overwhelms body is a prison im trying to adjust my schedule to give my body the rest it needs and growing veges to eat organic spray free foods is anyone else feeling like this? heaps of people

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