1) vision problems like not able to focus or when I'm walking it feels like it gets slower

2) floating arms and legs like they feel really light

3) if I'm sitting down and I get up I get lightheaded and dizzy

4) stomach gurgling and bloating

5) sometimes I feel neutral like I'm not happy but I'm not sad I'm just in between

That's basically it... Can someone give me an idea of what's happening to me? Is this all causes by anxiety or something else ?


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  • I'm going through the same thing with my eyes it's so weird if I'm trying to talk to someone which for me is hard enough then to have my eyes do this weird out of focus thing it's awful I wish I knew why and how to stop it

  • I've had basically all these symptoms at one time or another and yes .. Unfortunately they are all anxiety related

  • How long did they last?

  • I have had this feeling on and off for years. (Mostly on) I hate when the doctor tells me it is JUST anxiety. Like they are minimizing what I am feeling. Let them try to go from day to day with these symptoms. My take on the blurred vision as well as the off balance, lightheaded feeling is that our muscles are so tense that they put undo pressure on the muscles of the eyes. In the ears, where we get our balance from, it is disturbed by the muscle tension as well.

  • So sorry you are going through this. Try putting your mind on something else. You can think about what you want to (I know it's not easy.) Anxiety is horrible. For about two years or more I've been dealing with depersonalization. If you are not familiar with it look it up. Sounds like some of your symptoms. They also give you ways to control your thoughts. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I have all 5 of your symptoms every day,and I also have tingling in my feet,all anxiety i'm told,I know what your going through,but I have no answer to give you,I take an xanax when i'm really bad,or just sit down and do the slow breathing thing,this comes and goes of its own accord,I have been like this for 25 years, I forget what its like to live without anxiety.sorry if I sound so negative, but I am feeling down at the minute,because of this. believe me it is anxiety at its Miarose.

  • It's alright dude we are all here for each other ! Hope you get better but I'm trying to get better cause I'm done being like this ! Just let God take the wheel :) he will lead you to great things

  • Hi miarose, you've had anxiety issues just about as long as I have. I know what you mean about not having an answer to give someone. After all this time, I am seeing that depression as well as anger is coming into place from the daily stress of it all. It's a heck of a way to live for sure.

  • Hi Agora,thank you for taking the time to reply to my post,I agree that having anxiety so long really takes its toll on us..I never know how i'm going to be feeling,this means I cant plan anything,it is depressing,Its comforting to know i'm not alone with this.may I ask how you manage day to day stuff, like shopping etc; I depend on my hubby to do all this..I go with him, but would not go alone.sometimes I just sit down and cry,it gets rid of the tension in my head.please let me know how you Miarose xxx

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