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Panic attacks

I slept last night at 1 a.m. and woke up at 2:40 a.m. I had no rapid heart beat. It felt like my heart wasn't beating and I couldn't breathe. I felt I was breathing too shallow but I couldn't breathe deeply. I was shaking and couldn't move. If I tried I felt I'd faint and die. My feet felt like they were vibrating and tingling and cold. It took me ages to calm down. Can someone please help me? I want to distract myself but nothing works when I am panicked and I can't walk with my legs I fall. I can barely talk without feeling I'll Faint. My head is also heavy and Numb. Also I felt my face and ears get very hot and my legs anf feet felt hot like there was a spark stuck in them. I drank water which made it slightly tolerable. Please help. 😔

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i feel for you mrdherondale, its horrible having panic attack and night seems so much worse. when I have one I have I pad by bed, play scrabble, also colouring book, I run wrists under cold water I come on this site, there is usually someone around, I try to slow down breathing but I know its so hard to change the mind into thinking other thoughts, have you programmes on tv you've saved? finally we are told to just let the feelings come and then let them float away, very hard to do I know. meditation is good, twenty minutes every day. I wish you luck and peace, this will pass, take care x


ps.I promise you wont faint or die x


Thank you. At that time you just cannot make sense of anything. :(


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