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Feel weak is it anxiety??

Hi everyone,haven't been on here a while.hope everyone is ok.i wanted to ask is this feeling normal or is a trip to doctors needed. On and off the last few months I get this feeling like vertigo.feel weakness in legs,nausea and loss of appetite,tired,vision seems different more blurred.and just don't feel me.its bloody frustrating and affects my confidence on going out on my own as feel I might fall.even tho I'm sure I won't.has anyone had or does suffer from this?and is it just another joy of suffering from anxiety?!?thanks in advance.Georgie.x

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I get this alot it drives me mad ive put it down to anxiety because ive had it a few years now. It drains me :(

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That is how my anxiety started, one of my first symptoms. I'd literally be anxious for the test at school 24/7 until one day I got dizzy as hell, complete loss of energy in my legs. I panicked so bad, I literally though I was dying, even the principal of the school came, they all thought something serious is going on, when I was actually experiencing the symptoms of anxiety. And after this day I am constantly having those symptoms for a year now , only that I found a way to control them in public places. I went to the doctor, checked my blood 4 times including today ! They tell me its anxiety over and over, but I keep being scared its something serious while it really isn't.


May pay to have a blood / sugar test.


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