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I had a problem waking up

Can someone please help, I searched my symptoms on google but nothing came up.

I fell asleep on my couch earlier, nothing new about that as I often do so, the problem was waking up.

I know it's not sleep paralysis as I have already experienced that a few times. So I was laying there, waking up but it sort of felt like I was half conspicuous and half asleep.

There was no panic like with sleep paralysis, and I could move but it felt like moving through water, very difficult and exhausting. I could not open my eyes to try and wake up, I had to move my arm to my face and physically open my eye, at that point I realised just how tired I was and immediately closed my eyes and fell back into this 'trance' for lack of a better word. I then forced myself to move once again as even through the exhaustion there was a little voice in the back of my head telling me this was just wrong.

After repeating this process two or three times I managed to wake myself up properly, so can anybody tell me what just happened?

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perhaps you was mentally, physically or emotionally exhausted and your body needed to recover. hope you feel better now.


Definitely worth having a telephone consultation with your Doctor and tell him exactly what happened. I'm afraid I've never experienced anything similar but do get some help.. Good luck.


You were probably just in a very deep sleep and exhausted, and of course the anxious mind reads into it too much and you over reacted probably made things worse. Every morning when I first get out of bed I feel heavy and like crap and straight away I'm like this isn't right but by the time I walk to the toilet and back I feel fine, what I'm trying to say is most people feel a little groggy when waking up and I've always been this way but since my anxiety started I always mistake any slight negative feelings in my body as something wrong.

Run it past your doctor for reassurance but I think you are fine :)

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