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I hate anxiety :/

Hello everyone. I've been experiencing anxiety for like a month and I hate it. First I thought I got Sepsis because I scratched my knee and I felt strange but that was because I was anxious. Then my chest was hurting a bit on the left side and I thought I was having a heart attack but I know Its not a heart attack because I'm 13 and It was anxiety once again. Then I thought I was going blind because my eyes felt strange. But that was eye strain :/ And after that I thought I was having a heart attack again because my chest was hurting. And it's still hurting for like a week or so. The pain is sharp and it's in both sides but mostly in the left and I think that It gets better with exercise or by drinking something cold and I started experiencing chest tightness in my breast and some pain in my breast as well. And sometimes I feel like my heart skips beats but it's not because I've been to a doctor and they an EKG and it was normal.And sometimes I get very light nausea but that's probably puberty. Oh and my breathing feels strange and I can't even explain it. And I experience Depersonalization. I feel like I am going crazy. And sometimes I feel like I am going to die :/ I hate it! Oh and by the way does my chest pain sound cardiac related? Thank You If You Read My Long Post About My Anxiety :)

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