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Hello anxiety/panic family!

I know I have posted this on a lot of your comments, so I figured I'd share with a post to the community.

I want to share something that has got me through some of my worst panic/anxiety episodes. < And I get it so bad that I actually am disfunctional at times> I try to do things without medications, because even meds will throw me into anxiety attacks and I'm afraid I'm going to have allergic reactions- or experience worse symptoms then it's even worth. Lol crazy I know. So I'm trying to copy this YouTube link but it's not letting me- I'll try my best to explain.

Go to YouTube.com type in yoga for anxiety and panic.

A blonde woman should show up with the title psychetruth. Her name is Katrina Repman and the video focuses on people with anxiety/stress/panic/depression.

I have never been into yoga, but anyone who knows how horrible panic attacks / anxiety attacks are- should know that in a time like that you feel like your in an emergency situation and will do whatever it takes to get back to feeling ok.

There's no shame in my game when it comes to yoga now...At least not with this video, and it has worked for me SO MUCH that I follow along even when I'm laying in bed trying to relax, and I'm out like a light before the video even ends. I found myself needing this!

Please give it a try during your episodes I promise it is worth it.

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