Are they anxiety symptoms or not!! It's horrible why is anxiety like this

Hi all I was really dizzy yesterday felt awful with it but today dizziness not as bad but this chest pain and tight feeling is horrible it's scaring me so much doctors want me to start propranolol but am scared to even take paracetamol I am concerned it's something to do with me heart or something anyone help


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  • I think it could be aniexty , listen ro what your dr is saying and start the meds. Keep strong and we can beat rhis together with each others help

  • Hello.. I always thought it was something due to my heart but I've had many test done and my heart is healthy.. When I feel dizzy I tell my self it's only anxiety and soon it will go away

  • I take propranolol for heart palpitations due to anxiety and it does help. I'm on a very low dose. I hope you feel better!!!-hugs-

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