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Depressed and anxious

I have had a cough for a couple of weeks and a pain in my chest, I went to a@e yesterday, as I wanted to find out if it was a infection, I had a ECG and a chest exray, I was told that both were clear, and the pain was either a pulled muscle or wind pains as I have some sort of acid reflux, I took some gaviscon and I feel abit better today, I just wondered if the doctors who look at the exrays are radiologist as usually it takes a week when the doctor send you to the hospital, I am think that they only look and I dint have to wait long, just concerned , I had a biospy on the back of my hand last Wednesday and have two stitches , I have had a red pinkish patch on the back of my hand for years , and it has a crusty middle, so I am waiting for results, it is the size of a two pound piece , I am still coughing and I am frightened to go out today in case the pain comes back, is it safe to take gaviscon every day. Sorry for babbling on I feel low and frightened about everything....thanks

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First yes you can take Gaviscon every day up to 4 times a day if needed but if after a week or so you still have the symptoms then you should see your Doctor just so they can check you out but you have been checked out at the Hospital please try & let that reassure you as it would be more than their job was worth to say you were fine if there was something and the reason they can give you the results quicker when you are in a&e is because they look at them straight away , someone in a&e will be capable of assessing the results straight away where as when you go to the Hospital via your Doctor it is all about appointments your first appointment then maybe one to get some tests done then another to get the results it is more drawn out , one reason why you find so many people saying I am going to go to a&e because they get things done quicker , so please try not to worry

Your hand again if you have had it years then if it was something sinister I am sure you would have known before now but nowadays moles , lumps etc to be cautious they remove them for are own good so see it as a positive they have removed it and supposing there was something wrong then they could treat you straight away but that would be the worse scenario which I know when we have anxiety we focus on the "worse" but try telling yourself that is not the case , thousands of people have things removed every year and only a very small percentage need treatment , what makes you think you will be in that small percentage , why can you not be in that bigger percent where no more treatment is needed , well you can :-)

Try and make sure you are eating enough or that can cause indigestion and take notice if certain foods give you indigestion you may need to change what you eat or your eating habits it is worth observing but if you go out and you get the pain what do you think will happen ?

You had the pain yesterday and are still here and the same would be if the pain came back today , it would pass again and maybe going out would be a good distraction

Good luck with the test results with your hand , let us know how you get on

Take Care x


Thanks bounce your reply has helped me try and get things in the right perspective, my husbands says I should start trusting people, which I find hard . Thanks

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