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So alone

I know i am posting alot but I'm going through a really tough time. I feel strange like i am confined deeeep inside myself. I keep thinking I have a heart condition and I went to the doctor and my blood tests are normal. And I have no one to talk to who even understands in my family or friends. I feel isolated and depressed and I have noticed when I am depressed and negative my anxiety is HORRRRIBLE. And I can't fight my depression. Please help.

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We all post more when we are in the middle of it I think! It is OK. Friends and family often want to help but find it hard to understand, to be honest if I had never had it myself it would sound crazy the things I have experienced. All we can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other. Knowing it is anxiety creating these symptoms (as you've been checked out by the doc and given the OK) is the first step. After that...just keep stepping.

I have had a terrible day today and am actually off work this afternoon with it, which is not like me. I have rung up my counsellor I've seen before and got an appointment with her which has helped me calm down, knowing I've done something to help myself.

If you've not had counselling/therapy, I really recommend it. It helped me understand what is happening and handle it, and on bad days it was just a comfort knowing that within a (week or whatever) I would be seeing someone I could totally offload to and they would not think I was strange.

I've never had meds for anxiety but I have for depression and they cured it. Bang. Gone. It took months and months to work and then one day I woke up and was well. So if you haven't already, that's an option too.

I also had reiki, yes it is a bit out there but again it was more like therapy, I would have a lovely chat to the lady and then basically half an hour of relaxation. Came away full of energy.

Yes I've tried it all - I'm not anxiety free - ha look at the state of me today - but I am getting quicker to recover each time. I hope.

Hope you feel better soon and it is totally OK to vent on here, that's what it's all about.

- worrymagic

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Thank you. Actually where I live psychologists are usually scam and a few of my family memebrs are more worse than they were before therapy. And I want to vent out to someone but literally all my friends are busy and my mom just gets upset more. And I vent here then because here people get it. I tried meds and they made me numb. Like I couldn't feel my heart beating and that freaked me out. I got all sleepy and groggy and my anxiety was getting worse so I stopped the meds. Idk what else to do


Its ok to post a lot, thats what we are here for. I have battled with anxiety and depression for ten years. For the longest I swore something was wrong with me. I just knew I had heart problems, a brain tumor, cancer, and a million other things. My doctor finally started running every test imaginable just to prove to me nothing serious was wrong. I have tried at least 10-15 different medications over the years. Some made it worse, some helped, and some didnt help at all. I takes meds now but ive also learned different techniques that help me to cope. I have good days and bad days but coping techniques tend to help a good bit.


Hi there

Your not alone but i feel like this alot, sometimes i feel like i'm not the person who im mean't to be sometimes it feels like i'm living a lie.

Infact i could say that sometimes i don't feel anything no emotions at all and i just find myself thinking about thinking i no it sounds silly but it true.

Sometimes i just sit on my stairs and i cant move i will just sit there for hours thing about what i really should be thing but i don't know what i should be thinking about, i thing now maybe i've confused you i know it confuses me just wanted you to no your not alone in the way that you think. Just know we're all made the same some just think alittle different. Sorry if i've scrambled yor brain.☺


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