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Im mellow

Today is a good real bad symtomps greeping up on me but how my mind likes to disagree with me..its not open for discussion I tell my mind lol sounds weird I know...should I not be in control? So why am I even entertaining this. Well as soon as anxiety has become such a big part of our daily lives its like it has actually taken on a life of itself its own person. I don't know if anyone can relate to this. I tell myself today is a good day I'm just me today so its melow me, oh I love melow me lol. Everyday is a new day think of it like I am so strong I have not yet gotten so scared that I hide away, I am still alive, I still smile, I am still ME just sometimes need to dig a

Little deeper to find the me and bury that anxiety persona..yeah im melow just like I like it

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This morning I felt terrible. Almost didn't go to work, but the thought of phoning the boss was worse than that of actually going.

Spent most of morning going to loo in between lessons ( I teach)

Then suddenly a mellow feeling such as you describe came over me at around 1pm. I've managed to hold onto it for the rest of the day, rather like floating in a balloon above a bubbling lava pit of anxiety ( knowing the balloon might pop at any minute but trying to suppress that thought)

It's just so random!

Hope your mellow lasted and you have many more, soon! X

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Like it like it I do Same, I have days when I can tell my thoughts to jogg on cos this happy bird ain't listening, had a sing song and a jiggle of the hips yesterday so did mcay lol its good to hear when people have good days too, show others that they can as well. Hope its continuing for you my friends, xxx Mandy 😁👍

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Thank you mandy and hope and pray your mellow days are more aswell.××××

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