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Dang it. I really don't like this symptom, it's whatbstarted my anxiety off back in June of last year. But there's some variations of it,melike now I feel as if they floor is moving. And I feel dizzy sometimes, like its episodic. But they are random. Can anxiety cause this? It only got this bad after I had a panic attack in the store and was shaking so hard, but I got through it and then this started the following day, I think.

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I have constant balance problems and spells of dizziness. When I get up first thing, it's at worst. It get worse in shops or shopping centres. I feel it's related to neck and shoulder tension. If I turned around quickly my balance 'goes'. I have also had the moving floor effect, too, I'd say when I've been extra stressd. I have accepted these symptoms - fearfulness hinders recovery. I think it's one of the hardest symptoms to live with. I want to do certain activities, but very difficult when off balance. My brain has to work hard to keep me upright. As a result I get very tired. Seems to affect eyesight, too. I feel dazed. Think it's my systems way of making me take time out from thinking too much.

Hello, it seems that we have all in common. How are now?

No better. In fact, I'm feeling more strain and tension in my shoulders nck and jaw - front teeth clenching. I have managed to get a referal to ear, nose and throat department to check for any problems with my ears. I really don't think this is the root of the problem and it is anxiety related, but I will update here when I know more. At the moment, I have a good deal of stress ongoing with family issues, so not surprising I have more tension. I'm trying to look after my general health by eating well (trying to lose a few pounds). I have issues with diabetes, so aiming to get that under control. I am, of course anxious about this, too.

Ear infection?

yes.. happens to me too often. my eyes go blurry my head might hurt.. i feel faint or go dizzy.

allll typical stress symptoms.

if your worried talk to your doc. do a few tests to make sure everythings ok with your head. (i just had an MRI come out clear.. and i feel like im dying sometimes. so stress and anxiety/panic can do some horrible things to you. and it happens in episodes with me too.. which makes me not wanna do things alot! but i am trying hard to manage it and hope for the best and you should to. try to meditate and get your mind in focus- the longer you can go without thinking about your symptoms the better youll start feeling

First thing doc does is take my blood pressure - which I get really anxious about. I know if he says it's high I will stress even more. My anxiety came about after a careless and unnecessary comment from a consultant after a post operative check. I worried myself sick. I've had anxiety ever since. It was the tip of the iceberg for my already stress system. That was 6 years ago. I went along to a mindfulness meditation session, but it was too long for me. I've also read Pauline McKinnon's book on Stillness meditation - I usually fall asleep! I believe in the theory of accepting symptoms, not worrying about them which puts more stress on an already tired mind. I try not to let it stop me from doing things I enjoy, but it's hard.


I can't afford another doctor visit. Even when I'm stressed and I get my blood pressure taken its a little high and sometimes, it's not even affected. I went to the store the other day and thought I would pass out and got SO scared,mbut nothing happened and I feel better today after doing that and seeing that nothing happened.

I stay so dizzy I wouldn't know what to do if I wasn't! Some times I think I'm so used to I want to be dizzy when I'm not! It's so annoying! Dr's all say anxiety 

Right don't you hate when they say oh it's just anxiety😡

Agora1 in reply to Normal63

Hi Normal63,   I hate it as well.  I turn away from anyone who puts the word "just" in front of anxiety.  It's like minimizing it.  There's the normal anxiety that many people feel and then there is chronic ANXIETY they we live with everyday.  They are not alike.  Thank you for pointing that out.  I hope you have a calming day!xx

amandapinner in reply to Agora1

Yes exaclty! It's not "just" a little problem, I went to 3 ER's, a neurologist,  cardiologist and they're all its "just" anxiety. I go to a psychiatrist soon and if he says it they will see "just" anxiety! Lol

Agora1 in reply to amandapinner

Thanks for that laugh, however true it is.  Enough is enough right??   Take care x

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