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Looking back

I have been reading posts for awhile but this my first posting.

I have struggled with anxiety all my life --I feel like it is a chronic disease with no cure. I have avoided so many situations, relationships, careers-- because I was afraid I could not handle the stress - and now I regret many of those decisions.

I wish there was more awareness and help with this when I was younger..

Just wanted to share my perspective and encourage everyone to be brave!

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Yup same here. Ive struggled with chronic general anxiety,social anxiety and now health anxiety for 4 years now and believe it or not im only 17 years old. It really sucks looking back on all the fun times i could have been apart of and friends i could have made, but i tend to focus on the positive side of things it has shaped me to be the person i am today and i can help many people struggling with the same things i am. Life is a learning process.

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