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Looking back on my anxiety

I am wondering when this started as I think it started about 6 years ago. I remember I had tummy problems, whatever I ate the pain was so bad. I had other issues in that area too, had to have a CT scan which showed up a blood spot in my Liver. I had to have am MRI scan but whatever was in the Liver was gone.

Then on and off over the years I've had those pains, headaches, muscle ache, feeling low and sleeping alot. I also had dark nights of worry and fear of death, wrote letters to family and friends saying goodbye and how I want my funeral to be. I had to drag myself out of it all and can do that now and again. I've NEVER had deeper darker thoughts, I couldn't hurt myself over it.

I am sure it's all about anxiety. I do trust my doctors and I know they would always listen and help me. Has anyone had these issues or remember how it started for you?

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Hello I know wen mine started getting bad. I had just moved in the house I'm in now and I had pains in my arms and chest. Then I starting getting dizzy spells and started having panic attacks. I thought there was sumthing serious wrong and my thoughts was wat about my boys and family. Thinking back thou I think I had it for years on and off. It's so hard to do every day things and be happy like someone who doesn't suffer from anxiety/depression as it really effects us. Makes us think the worst of every situation. At one point I thought I was really going mad. It took over my life completely. All I seemed to do was sleep and cry with panic and I felt so low. I still feel low thou it but I'm still learning how to overcome it and stop seeing the worst in every situation. Xxx


Hi CardiffGirl, ive had most of the issues you describe, when i was in my 20s i felt sick with stress and stopped eating so many times. Tension headaches and feeling low too.

My anxiety started in 2008 when a man came to our house and threatened to grab us off the street and put us in a bath of acid


Omg pink that if terrible how someone can do that to anyone. Xxx


Hi donaf, thats very true. Xxx



To be honest I can remember when mine started although I have suffered with anxiety all of my life. It got really bad when I was moving house four years ago that's when the chest pains got really bad and I couldn't stop crying all the time. I find mine is at its worst when I'm stressed

Jules x


Pink I am sorry to hear what happened to you! What a horrible person he is and I hope he was caught. Some people make me mad x


Thanks, he wasnt caught x


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