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Beautiful Sunday,,:-)

The sun is shining and am not feeling in great shape. Lost weight and feeling rubbish, trying to put it back on calmly. I cannot go out today and feel a let down to my family staying in all day when the weather is beautiful.

Trying to calm my thoughts and not be so hard on myself, the family are going to take our little pup for a walk, they get to go in the sunshine, whilst I get back on top of visualisation. Then spend a relaxing afternoon in the garden having quality time with my family, trying to make the most out of every situation instead of beating myself up.

Just hope soon I can manage to leave the house again.. its becoming a very difficult task!

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Sun is out here to :)

It was so cold last week , so I got everything in to do a roast dinner & now i have to cook in this heat :-/

Eat little & often if you can , & things high in calories

Have you tried something like complan or vitamins

My son is tall & slim by nature , but if he gets sick & stops eating he can get to thin, i give him Vitamin c & it gets him eating again

Also hun try not to worry to much about the eating as the more you do , it will put pressure on you & you wont feel like eating

Maybe if your weight is getting a real concern , you could see the GP , let them check you over & if you are loosing to much they will help , see how you go

This is little steps & I no its not easy , but any small positive you do today , focus on that & give yourself some praise & what you think you should have done that you didnt , dont beat yourself up over , I no its not easy , because we always give ourselves a tough time





Thankyou, im going to try eat little and very often, it is worrying but yes the more I worry the more I loose and don't want to eat, thankyou il try some vitamin c and ive got build up drink to have after meals too, hope it helps me soon xxx


hi michelle,

I really feel for you, you poor love. I too lost lots of weight through worry and anxiety and i now eat little and often as advised to you by whywhy. I'v got so weak and have no energy so must get this back cos i worry about osteoporosis so have ordered an exercise machine from argos. Like you i don't go out to far so i will be able to exercise at home. We will get there in the end but i now realise its going to take time, i just want me back like i'm sure you do and we can do it. Be big and brave and as my husband says fight, fight, fight. sending you one of my biggest hugs x


Thankyou, big hugs to you too xx

It has got on top of me and it upsets me a lot, trying to do pilates exercise, but my mood is rubbish and find it very hard to eat, I think I need to get my head around taking time to get better, I just want to do it overnight lol, and get downhearted when its not happening. im only 21 and no energy is very upsetting xxxx



i can relate to how you feel, i too lost alot of weight in a short period which made me feel lethargic and weak. I only leave my house for hospital and Gp appointments as i cant face people even answering the phone is an issue.

I hope you have a great day with your family, you are blessed to have them.

I have a Wii console and X box Kinect which is good for keep fit and its fun too.

The sun is not out where i am so enjoy that too xxx

love and best wishes Cookie xxx


I would love to own a wii and Kinect, hoping to near Christmas, a great distraction fun and exercise, in the mean time I just dance about like a idiot while cleaning lol atm no energy for that too xxxx


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