I really thought I was through the worst part of this. Has anyone gotten heart palpitations for two days straight and what did you do about it. I've been drinking Linden leaf tea everyday for its soothing qualities, now I've read alot of it can cause heart problems. This jumpy feeling in my chest almost brought on a full panic attack at work yesterday. I just want it to stop.


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  • It's possible that the leaf tea could be causing your heart palps especially if there is caffeine in the drink. Who knows with anxiety.

  • The doc prescribed a beta blocker... But it's causing headaches...

  • I have also read that linden tea is not good for the heart. For soothing qualities, chamomile is best. Can you contact an herbalist and ask their advice about the linden tea?

  • Get your heart sorted out first though, before doing anything with chamomile tea. I'd also ask for an ecg and a holter monitor to check that the palpitations are benign. Suggestions only of course.

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