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Bad thoughts :(

I've had anxiety for about 2 years now & the thing that gets to me most is my irrational thoughts or my bad thoughts. I always think I'm going to die .. I'm away from home & I thought about driving back home & im scared that I'll get into a car accident & die .. It always comes down to dying. I get my tooth pulled in a week & I'm scared I'm going to die .. My thoughts take over the most & make my anxiety worse. It actually brings me to tears & it sucks because no one really understands. Has anyone ever had this problem? & also, does anyone experience Deja vu often? Mine is horrible & it makes me feel psychic. Crazy, I know.

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Makes you feel psychic? I have never heard of anyone experiencing deja vu caused by anxiety. That's a new one to me.

Have you been diagnosed by a doctor? Are you on medications or any kind of alternative medicines? If you haven't been, that is a place to start. Good luck.


Hi Im exactly the same all my thoughts come down to thinking of me dying and it is horrible to experience specially when you're whole body feels numb and feel disconnected from the world. My husband a few times has spoke to me and because of my weird feelings I haven't taken in what he says so he has to repeat himself I think it annoyed him at first but think he now understands I'm not doing it to be igronant... The de ja vu I get that too when I had my mental health assestment that was one of the questions so I think it could be a symptom but no a known symptom I had de ja vu yesterday it freaked me outbut i had it before I had anxiety so I just shrugged it off.. Maybe Google the symptoms so you can see it is a symptom to put your mind at rest? Xx


Hi, I have suffered from anxiety for most of my adult life. When my children were born and most of their childhoods I used to worry constantly that something bad was going to happen to one of them, it was exhausting and gave me permanent deep grooves in my forehead lol. One day after years and years of worrying I just realised that me sitting there worrying if this or that was going to happen to them wouldn't stop anything bad happening to them. If something bad was going to happen it would happen if I worried about it or not, from that day forward I stopped worrying so much and I felt so much better. I still suffer from it but my depression is worse where as before it was the other way round. I know we all worry about our babies but I worried irrationally.

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yes irrational thoughts are at the core of a lot of anxiety! you need to try and tell yourself it is only panic, this is an irrational thought. it will take practice. we just simply dont have control over whether we will get in a car accident, or die from getting a tooth pulled. it is very very unlikely but, you just dont know. we have to leave it up to fate. doesnt mean we should not exercise caution and take care the best we can, but trying to control everything will lead to constant worry and anxiety. try talking yourself down, 'this is panic' 'this is worry talking' etc there are a lot of good books on techniques if you look on amazon.


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