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Faster heartbeat & shallow breathing

For the past few days I have been having a faster heartbeat and shallow breathing. I was diagnosed with asthma yesterday. I also have costochondritis. I have checked my oxygen and pulse rate periodically. My oxygen level is 97 or 98% and pulse is 72-76 on average.. I am freaked out that I have a heart problem or I'm not getting enough oxygen even though the oxygen level checker reads 97 or 98. This worrying ia making me think I have severe issues and I should get immediate medical attention.

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Keep in mind you know your body better than anyone. If you think something's wrong, get it checked out. If anything it will help ease your mind. Keep in mind anxiety also causes a fast heart beat and shortness of breath etc so the worrying about it could be causing it to seem worse

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Hi - I have also been diagnosed with costochondritis and 10 yrs ago whilst suffering anxiety thought I was having heart problem because of struggling to breath (that I was sure was panic attack or heart problem). Just recently had major anxiety from work related issues and again, found it really difficult to breathe normally (into stomach was almost impossible). At weekend felt a lump in the breast near the sternum and with my niece having suffered breast cancer - well I imagined the worst! It was a relief when doctor said it was a condition BUT I think it was the wrong diagnosis - when searching online there is no swelling with costochondritis but there is a syndrome that is a dormant virus that causes swelling of cartilage but c'dritis doesn't. Well the upshot of all this is one simple message and the doctor said it "anxiety makes everything so much worse" - I know this to be true and I am checking out help online with mindfulness (think present - all is well in the moment - don't overthink the past or future). Hope all anxiety sufferers can help each other to look for the perfect parts of us and deny the fear of what may or can happen because we will miss today!


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