Not a good morning to start with

Good morning campers, didn't have a great start this morning felt very anxious, my legs felt like lead, my words just couldn't get them out and my fingers didn't feel they were mine all thumbs. Felt quite Weak and shaky all over. Read some posts and answered some whey hey I'm feeling normal again. Love this site, changes my thinking thanks guys hope it helps you lot too. My heart goes out to one young girl thats so very scared today took me back to my childhood bless her touched my heartstrings to help I was there once. Lets all wish her strength xxx Mandy 😊


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  • Good Morning! I was reading over your posts and was very interested in the medication you have been on. I have never heard of it. Was it prescribed by a GP or a Psychiatrist? You are fortunate in that they found something that gives you some relief. I too, am touched by the young people who are going through anxiety. It can take over your life if you let it. As for crying, I have been crying every morning upon awakening for over 5 years now. The fear of this morning anxiety is sooo hard to control because it's not just a mind thing but a physical reaction to the adrenaline. I knew there were others who suffer through daily anxiety but never realized the magnitude of people fighting this disorder. I wish you well today. Take care....

  • And you too love and yea my doctor prescribed it. Ask about it if nothing else is suiting you worth a try, everyone seems to be put on zombie drugs Prozac n tramadol ect never have I tried these. They are addictive mine however are not even though I've been on them years and years, they have asked me to try others, erm no I'm happy with them tyvm Mr doctor. Its the nervous system that give us the anxious feelings, we don't want to be zombies just normal, I cant understand why no one has ever been prescribed these anti anxiety tabs apart from me xxx 😊 they do the job for me and still doo, addictive or not. I'm happy on them and get no spaced out feelings which would make me more anxious. And they do take the edge off a full blown attack, which i can still have occasionally, but not often. Xxx mandy try asking worth a try.xx

  • Thank you so much for replying. I am going to look into it. I like the fact that you don't feel like a zombie and that they are non addicting. I agree with you, why change something that works. Take care.

  • Whenever I'm feeling really down or stressful I come to this site and it makes me feel better because I can connect to all these people and I love messaging them to make them feel better :)

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