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Please help-health or anxiety,ocd,hypocondriac

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I have a lot going on in my life right now, on top of already being an anxious person and becoming a hypochondriac. These are the symptoms I have been experiencing the last few days: Headache(very dull and not constant), pressure in neck and back of head, pressure in temple area(right side) blurry vision, unsteady, dizziness, constant fear, tingling in feet and hands sometimes, numbness in right side of face(comes and goes). I am so worried that something is wrong with me from the lumbar puncture I got or/but I can't determine wether I am causing this myself because of my mental issues. I just need help. Maybe some advice. I have an appt in 2 weeks to be put on medication and I have an appt on Friday to speak to my therapist but I feel like I need some thing more in regards to therapy. I also have work on Wed and I am not sure how I am going to go given that I have been having a hard time leaving home. So any info or insight would be helpful!

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I recommend to try and give urself some relaxing time meditation or self hypnosis works for the anxiety. When you go see your doctor make sure he checks u so you know what is causing everything. Wish you luck try not to over think things everything will be fine just have faith

I've had pretty much all these symptoms. I haven't had the numbness in face, but I've had it in other places.

I think you have worked yourself up into such a state that you are experiencing all of these symptoms. You need to get yourself a relaxing tape and completely go into deep relaxation. The more you panic and tell yourself you have this and that wrong with you the worse you will become. You need diversions away from your mind, try to think positive, play some music you enjoy, focus on what you like and be positive, negative thoughts are harmful and will continue to make you ill, this will go away eventually, once you receive medication you will improve. In the meantime concentrate on the things which make you feel good, you were not born this way, I wish you health and strength, you will conquer this😄😄😄😄😄

i think you are stressing out and these are the symptoms naturally coming to you. However i am not a doctor i am a energy healer. Not the same.

I am having these problems too. It's been a month already. I feel that my head is all cramped up. I feel lightheaded, headache and it is taking a toll on my whole body. I have no mood to do things. I'm gonna get my head scanned to see if there's anything wrong with me. Still I believe in the Lord that i am well. In Him I trust.

I agree with lin62. Trust me I've done it and recently. The brain is so. Powerful! We honestly underestimates it's power. Just try to relax and try to think positive. Keep yourself busy and keep yourself with something to look forward to. It helps so much. I find myself at peace and less worried when I'm doing things I enjoy.... And it slips my mind to worry.

I have had the same stiffness and tightness in neck and head. I think that you or I may be so stressed or worried that it is causing you to tense up. Once you relax your body and muscles relax too. You probably were very tense on your neck and once you realize it you make it worse that's why it last so long. Try taking a warm/hot bath. maybe try doing some stretches. A massage would really help too.

what is ocd doctor could not hold a pen anxiety tell patient I see some other doctor

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