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I suffer from severe anxiety..I've been on different medications Prozac, Zoloft, and now lexapro...everyday I wake up with pressure in my head and ears...the ear pressure is so feels like I went through a tunnel and my ears won't pop..I've seen a ENT so its not sinus nor allergies...I've cut my caffeine and exercise weekly..this ear pressure and head pressure won't go away...I'm starting to feel like its no hope left

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It Can Just Be Anixtey, It Affects Ppl In Different Ways. I Would See How You Feel After You Started The Lexapro.


Anything can create pressure even down to change in weather, or having heating on. I'm always popping my ears and feeling heavy headed, so can anxiety, if your doctor has seen you, I wouldn't worry to much, its being anxious about it and worrying can also elevate symptoms, the mind is a powerful thing much more powerful than a computer. The more negative thinking the more symptoms you'll. Get equals the more you worry and buoy do us anxiety sufferers worry to the extreme then scare the living daylights out of ourselves. Its just thoughts negative thoughts, concentrate on positive thoughts and you'll feel much better. N don't scan the internet on symptoms lol wont help, our irrational thoughts do enough damage with other peoples opinions on symptoms that aren't qualified even mine, but I have learnt to trust the professional's, don't worry so much. You'll see the symptoms subsided. Xx mandy

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I have been having panic attacks for 25 years I am on Celexa this is only a suggestion get a head mri I fainted that is why my doctor ordered one I have a acoustic neuroma it is a tumor in the ear canal it was causing pressure in my ears just a thought I hope you find the answers you need Take care


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