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Hi recently been diagnosed with anexity the other day I had to sit on a wall in town for 1 n half hours legs stopped working before that had heart palpitations (was only going for an eye test ) n also the feeling of been pulled side to side like ya gonna fall anyone else experienced this totally scary

N also the pressure in my head at times feels like it's Avin an impact on the rest of my body weak n also a undesirable heavy feeling

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I have had symptoms very similar to this. Have you spoken to a doctor about it? Is thee a reason you may feel like this and has it just started or an ongoing thing? I hope you feel better soon. Take care.


Hi it started about 5 weeks ago just with headache rest followed

My gp hasn't been very supportive at all

No there's no sperfic reason it just happened

I'm 32 n av two boys 11 n 7 so I need to be ok for them but this illness seems to av taken over but I won't let it beat me

N thank you


A www sweetie I know how that feels too, I have two girls and I need to get better for them which just adds to the burden eh? Is there another doctor you could see at your surgery and explain you didn't't feel the other one was very helpful?

I find writing down my thoughts and feelings helps clear my head sometimes and helps me see things in a different light, it's very therapeutic. Maybe you could try that, or a support group in your area?

Either way I hope you get the help and support you need. Take care. Here if you want to talk.


See the docter but also try and get to the root of the problem , when did this start , did something happen that day , stressful event etc and why it made you feel that way . Go back to that place and make it a postive experience and change the negative thought that you remember , drugs just tend to mask anxiety , dealing with the cause heals , I hope you all the best ! Xxxx


Hi no not really around 5 weeks ago I started with headaches m shakes n rest just followed but I did loose my dad 4 years ago n I lost a baby at 5 n half month in 2013 then his dad cheated on me with a bloke a close friend has said it could be trigger trigger trigger n it's come to a head now in my body


I get all those feelings except for the swaying but many many anxiety sufferers experience it.

The feelings are really scary and I am trying my best to just accept them and let them be as this is apparently the best method for recovery not being bothered by them but it is so so difficult.

I hope you feel better soon. :)


Just a thought ,did you feel as if you were drunk but hadn't had a drink when your legs went.If so I would ask doctor about Ataxia.not many doctors know about it as there are different kinds and that's how my daughter goes when she has an attack.Docs put it down to stress for years unti ANeuro Doc who recognized symptoms saw her.


Hi no my legs don't go like I feel drug I don't think it's more of they don't want to work I think but at times there's so much going on at once that you carnt tag a certain thing but I will ask my gp anyway to rule it out thanks :-)


That's ok


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