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Anxiety with own illness and husbands stroke and dementia

Have an ongoing bowel problem and going from doctor to,doctor lots of pain and husband had stroke end of 2013. Vascular dementia, loss of peripheral sight and not much mobility. Godmother had heart attack same week and 4 months later daughter had emergency Caesarian. I had just retired and every thing happened at once. House needs lots doing and husband hadn't been doing things in run up to stroke.

Trying to cope with everything (normally a coper) but lost contact with lots if people, no close friends in nearby vicinity or neighbours and no support - husband doesn't need care as such but personality has changed. I am at my wits end, in pain, lost 3 stone at least in weight so clothes don't fit and can't find help anywhere. Just need a good friend to understand and chat and listen. Whole network closed down. Bad day - not sleeping and crying - can't get going. Can't feel my usual busy self. 17 months of misery and got worse in last 3 - 4 months. Drs don't seem to,understand and dint want to rely on tablets. Sitting in armchair too much. Everything landed on my shoulders and I've sunk.

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So sorry to hear all you have been going through , I'm sure your stronger then you think, anyone in your shoes would feel the very same , maybe a different doctor could be a start the one your going to doesn't sound like much help...


I am the only driver and need to go for an interview with practice nurse to change doctors. My bowel consition and pain mean it has now got difficult to,leave the house. Spent 2 weeks in hospital without anything being done apart from being offered a stoma and nurses not believing me. Diificulty with defecation - suppositories and enemas awful and lost over 3 stone. Muscles possibly now not working because of use of so many laxatives. Got to try and get to southampton in 2 weeks time and no,idea how I am going to make it. Spent all,day constipated the laxatives work but can't pass faeces normally. A shadow of my former outgoing self. What a retirement. Just crying out for help. Can't do anything except sit and cry which doesn't do me or anyone else any good. Nothing helps


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