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I make goals in life but so many obstacles I feel I don't reach my destination. I am struggling with my personal and professional life.. obstacles are energy draining.. they are so many.. it makes me depressed sometimes .. I want a smoother sail.. how can I cope with these obstacles because solving them takes a lot of time and some are unsolvable which deters my plans.thanks

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You sound like a very clever interesting person.

If it's too much at certain points make it a little less, break it down to a more manageable amount. Challenge yourself daily, push yourself out of your comfort zone a bit but not too much.

Be in control without pushing that self distruct button.

Oh I know there's a few of you guys hovering over that red button! Wanting to push it out of guilt, regret, self hate and feel like you deserve it.

You don't.


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I am against time here.. goals needs to be completed within a time range now.. that stresses me.. sometimes I cant do it.. even if I try harder.. things don't go my way.. but I am still there

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Yes you are doing fine now you can contact any other doctors who are experts in Parkinson


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