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hi everyone

I hate this feeling of always being scared of something bad happening to me

have had ECG, full blood test, BP etc and everything is normal

I feel like there is something always in my throat and I can't eat

I don't laugh and joke like I used to and a lot of people say I have changed

I act normal and no one really knows how bad I feel all the time

I have been to the doctors so many times and he tells me to stop stressing easier said then done

am I really just crazy?

I was thing of going for hypnotherapy has anyone ever had it done was it any good ?

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I feel a lump in my throat from acid reflux/GERD and eating certain things intensifies it. If you really CANNOT eat solid foods you have to go back to the doctor. I haven't tried true hypnotherapy, maybe I'm not sure what that is, but guided relaxation & progressive muscle relaxation was helpful to me at the time.

The term "crazy" is not a thing, but there are more serious disorders that are managed with ongoing medication. If you are constantly anxious without other symptoms, it feels horrible but very well may be an anxiety disorder/health anxiety that is possible to overcome with lifestyle changes, interim medication, relaxation techniques, etc.

I have zero medical training, I have just presented at the psychiatrist with this exact question more than once over the years. I have the infamous "I'm not crazy, I've been tested" story and received these answers, which seem to be true. That being said, I continue to struggle with anxiety. I wish you well in getting some relief.

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thank you for your reply glad I found this sight

but to Scared to go to my doctor as I know he will just say stop stressing


Hi Khurab,

I'm so sorry you feel this. I have also had problems in digesting my food - the food sometimes feels like it's sitting inside my chest. And yes, we act normal and people don't know what's underneath. You are not crazy at all. When we are anxious we are bound to feel a great disharmony in our mind. One of my sisters is a hypnotherapist. She has many very satisfied clients but she lives in the US. It may be worthwhile to speak with a hypnotherapist local to you, to see how you feel about having some sessions. I believe I've learnt a lot from my sister that has been very useful. But for me personally, I prefer an emotional approach which is very accepting of the feelings and sensations, and it doesn't try to cast them out or change them. But you could look at my sister's website to get some idea of hypnotherapy - elainekissel.com

With best wishes from Carrie.

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thank u so much Carrie

glad I found this sight so greatfull for this

thank u again

will let you know how the hypnotherapy goes



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